The Monster in the Library of Turing

by bjornabengtsson

Thore Husfeldt

To appear (in Swedish) as T. Husfeldt, Monstret i Turings bibliotek, Filosofisk tidskrift, nr. XX, 2015.

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Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence presents a dystopian view of strong artificial intelligence: Not only will it be the greatest invention of mankind, it will also be the last, and this emerging technology should be viewed as an immediate and catastrophic risk to our species, like molecular nanotechnology, nuclear power, or chemical warfare.

Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence, Oxford University Press, 2014. Nick Bostrom,
Superintelligence, Oxford University Press, 2014.

Artificial intelligence with super-human capabilities will be the last invention controlled by Homo sapiens, since all subsequent inventions will be made by the “superintelligence” itself. Moreover, unless we are extremely careful or lucky, the superintelligence will destroy us, or at least radically change our living conditions in a way that we may find undesirable. Since we are currently investigating many technologies that may lead to a superintelligence, now would be…

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